Be Blogging Positive

We love bright blogging lights.

Be a bright blogging life.

Be blogging positive.

Being a positive blogger uplifts people. Increase your generosity. Help as many people for free as possible, right now, because right now, the Universe loves light to overcome darkness. A few people with worldly power use fear and darkness to scare humanity through news, government and negative headlines. Be blogging positive to spread light. Spreading light through your positive blogging vibes overcomes the darkness spreading through planet earth, and, throughout the Universe. How can you be blogging positive? Keep helping people for free. Promote fellow bloggers on social media and on your blog. Open your blog to guest posting. Write guest posts for fellow bloggers. Comment genuinely on blogs. Do as much work for free as humanly possible. Not only will you experience greater worldly success; you’ll also be blogging positive.

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Do you see how I point out blogging mistakes to empower bloggers? Being a bright blogging light means pointing out mistakes to empower bloggers who feel less than empowered. I sometimes BE a bit in your face with compassion, honesty and some blogging sauce, all because I love you guys. Truth sets you free. But first, truth annoys the heck out of you. HA! Be with the truth to tell bloggers how to address mistakes. But ensure you pick people up with positive solutions after pointing out mistakes. Never point out mistakes in heavy handed judgment. Simply point out errors then quickly correct the errors with your loving solutions.

Keep it high energy. Be loving, caring and understanding. Be honest, too. Be a bright blogging light. Surround yourself with high energy bloggers. Feed off of our energy. Sponge up my loving energy. I got serious amounts to dole out. Gobble it up. I am here for you. Everywhere you look, peep my love, guest posts, and support. Feast on it.

I also suggest you spend 1 or more hours daily on energy management to be a bright blogging light. I spend 4 hours daily on meditating, doing Kriya yoga, exercising, doing yin yoga, and also spending 30 seconds in an icy cold shower. Make sure you check with your doctor before even dreaming of taking an icy cold shower, OK? No need to be a blogging popsicle. But following some time on a daily energy management routine helps you unearth, face and release fear, to blog and live more from an energy of love and positive, compassionate energy. Note; these energy management tactics are uncomfortable to follow at times. Kriya yoga particularly feels really tough because as you tense out your body, old pain and fear from the past gets stirred up to face, feel and release. Be with discomfort. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Be gentle with yourself.

Proceed to be a bright blogging light.

We are here for you but you need to raise your energy to elevate your consciousness, so you can be receptive to bright blogging lights like myself and other high energy folks. We help you see the good but you need to have the proper energy eyes to see and feel the good.

More importantly, totally avoid any negative, dour bloggers. Be present to spot these folks. Some bloggers handcuff you with limiting beliefs, down you with their grieving projections and also try to make you feel like crap, to manipulate you into buying their stuff. Avoid these cats like the plague. Bad energy!

Head toward the Light, My Young Blogging Padawans. Head toward the Light.

Live with love. Be a generous servant. Spread your love. Share your gifts with the world.

Be blogging positive.

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