Be a Specialist and Succeed

Imagine running a multi topic blog.

Today, you post about puppies. Tomorrow, politics. The following day, pickles. Whatever comes to your mind, you post.

So…imagine walking into a post office and ordering Chinese food. People look at you like you are crazy. Post offices deliver mail, not Moo Goo Gai Pan. Every successful business specializes in one niche, one area. But you, the multi-topic blogger, tries to break this basic law of business and life. You blog about puppies today but when blogging about politics tomorrow, you lose all of your puppy readers, who feel confused because they expected you to blog about puppies. But the next day, when you cover pickles, the puppy readers and politics readers wonder what in the heck you are doing? Pickles? What human is a credible, trustworthy authority on puppies, politics and pickles? I have not found them yet.

So you lose all credibility and your readers head for the hills, said readers not being genuine readers, anyway. Just passing through for a casual glance at a post before you lose credibility. Why? The world loves specialists. Specialists succeed. Generalists struggle and fail because we do not trust people who try to master multiple niches. Forget mastery; we trust no one at all who tries to even blog about 2, 3 or 10 topics, at least 99.99% of the time. In rare cases, someone builds credibility in two niches, but three? Never. No human being masters 3 topics and builds cred on 3 topics because you have humans who devote their entire lives to mastering one topic. We just follow the specialists who give all of their attention and energy to one topic because these are the pros, the authorities, who we trust, because we know where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Be a Specialist and Succeed 2

Give your attention and energy to ONE topic and that topic and success grows, pronto. Success will be yours; you chose to be a specialist. But dividing up your attention and energy between 3 topics makes each topic and your blog and your success creep along so slowly that you struggle, fail, give up and quit. Nobody can master 3 or more topics like a blogger who masters one topic because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Puppy fans follow puppy blogs. Politics fans follow politics blogs. Pickle fans follow pickle blogs. Nobody follows your blog because you have no cred, trying to cover 3 topics, and nobody wishes to follow the ramblings of someone who has no authority in any one area. Blogging is not some casual, cyber diary, for fools to spout every passing thought-feeling-opinion. We take this seriously. Real blogging is specialist blogging. I devoted 20,000 hours of my life to blogging and took it hella-seriously, so now I circle the globe through blogging. I became a specialist, and succeeded.

Meanwhile, generalists arise and vanish, burning out like moths who get too close to the flame. Generalists burn out, fail and quit. Specialists energize themselves, gain clarity for this blogging journey and be the bloggers who experience increasing success, mainly through the energies of being confident and feeling clear about doing 1 thing, so you know you do that 1 thing well. Just do IT. Just do that 1 thing and you will become successful.


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