Ask Better Questions to Get Better Blogging Results

Someone from Tony Robbins’ team emailed me with gratitude today. I mentioned Tony during a recent blog post.

He notes how the quality of your life follows the quality of your questions. I agree, and discussed this concept within the blog post. Bloggers on Quora seem not to have grasped the concept because most ask low quality questions not designed to accelerate their growth or do much of anything. For example, someone asked me a few moments ago what I think of most blogs. What does that even mean? How does getting an answer to that question accelerate that blogger’s growth? How does getting an answer to that question make the blogger more successful? No matter my answer, in no way, shape or form does my answer to that question benefit anybody, including the blogger asking the question. The blogger wastes their time asking such a query because said question seems like a low quality, relatively value-free question.

Do you want better blogging results? Ask better blogging questions.

Focus on what matters. Ask questions about the blogging process. What makes successful bloggers tick? This is a good starting point to better understand what it takes to succeed. Too many bloggers ask low quality questions without a focus on quality, on pressing issues, on the mindset necessary to succeed online. Why would you want to get inside the mind of a professional blogger? Knowing how pros think, feel and act clues you in on what you need to be in order to succeed online. Most bloggers struggle because most bloggers have no idea how to think and feel like a professional blogger. People buy their domain and hosting and dive in to blogging without asking any questions about the process. How do you expect to succeed if you never take a second to ask clear, cogent questions about the blogging process? Asking questions gives you clarity, focus, direction and a basic guide to work off of on your blogging journey. But you need to ask quality questions to stand out from the crowd of bloggers querying meaningless or silly questions that do nothing to advance them on their blogging journey.

Ask Better Questions to Get Better Blogging Results 2

Study successful bloggers. Ask top bloggers directly how to drive blog traffic or how to drive blogging profits. Pay close attention to their answers because top bloggers do things differently than virtually all other bloggers. While most bloggers trip over themselves trying to cold pitch top bloggers, struggling in the process, top bloggers build bonds and relax, knowing their friend network builds their links for them and grows their business for them organically. The answers you receive likely will stun you because you certainly do not think like a top blogger and top bloggers’ strategies usually see counter-intuitive compared to other bloggers’ approaches. For good reason; doing things successfully seems super different than the failing approach used by most bloggers. As a new or struggling blogger, fear plays a huge role in the decisions you make. New bloggers fear failing, fear running out of time and fear being rejected. Making decisions from a heavy energy of fear leads to cold pitching and other stupid strategies guaranteeing your short term and long term failure. Asking top bloggers how to succeed simply gives you an abundant-thinking, generous strategy grounded in faith, not fear. Plus you will not be stuck in time-wasting activities either, when you ask top pros quality questions.

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