Are You Trying to Gain Trust without Paying Your Blogging Dues?

Blogging short cuts to success do not exist.

Do you want to gain trust? Earn it by paying your blogging dues.

I get pitched routinely by bloggers who desire success without paying their dues. Some paid no networking dues and have no blogging friends.

Others paid no writing practice dues and have scant writing skills. Some paid neither dues; good luck succeeding if you cannot write and have no connections.

Why? Blogging from dominant energy of fear makes you do foolish stuff. Namely, you try to gain trust and boost credibility without paying your blogging dues.

My Example of Paying Dues

As Nazim can attest, I write and publish 4-6 guest posts daily. I also publish 4-5 posts on Blogging From Paradise daily. I also intend to promote 40 to 50 of my 100 plus eBooks daily.

Toss in promoting my blogging courses, networking by promoting other bloggers and commenting genuinely on blogs, and engaging in video marketing and podcasting, and you have someone intent on paying their dues.

Are You Trying to Gain Trust without Paying Your Blogging Dues? 2

I have experienced some success and yep, I do have some credibility in my niche. I do not necessarily need to gain more trust but need to keep paying my blogging dues to gain worldwide exposure.

Gaining worldwide exposure means doing things few bloggers around the world do; now does it make sense that I publish 5 guest posts and 5 blog posts daily?

Who does that? Not too many established, pro bloggers. But I need to keep paying my dues to experience increased success.


As I promote my eBook: 8 Tips to Gain the Trust of Your Blogging Audience

I instantly think of bloggers who want to gain trust fast without paying their dues in terms of learning blogging, creating helpful content, building strong bonds and making an impact by honing your skills daily, for years.

Successful bloggers like Alonzo Pichardo gave a decade of their lives to building a thriving online business the right way.

Imagine spending 6-7 days weekly working 8-10 hours daily – or more – following found tips, creating and connecting, for 10 years of your life? This is what it takes guys to build a thriving business with integrity, doing it the right way.

He has been successful for a while, but people who envy his stunning 10-year success are completely ignorant of the 10,000 to 20,000 hours he worked, sticking to the basics, being disciplined, and trusting in the process, that preceded his success.

Trust Is Earned Not Gifted

I can assure you; any trust I gained, I earned, through 10,000 plus hours of work, oftentimes helping people for free to improve my skills and to gain exposure. Alonzo will tell you the same thing. No short cuts exist.

Generous entrepreneurs who help people from posturing energy simply gain trust, earn credibility and build a thriving business over the years.

Nobody hands you successful blogging career.

Nobody gifts you credibility. You need to earn your success 1 hour, 1 day and 1 creative and/or connecting act at a time.

I regularly mention how top bloggers I studied spend thousands of hours helping people for free to boost their credibility, to increase their skills and to gain exposure. Money arrives as the cred, skills and exposure increases.

Nobody gifts you with cred, skills and exposure, until you generously put in the effort to create and connect with other bloggers.

If you could be gifted with trust sans putting in any effort, someone would have figured out the method already and we would all be blogging billionaires.

Think that one through before you attempt to take a blogging short cut.

One Small Favor

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