Are You Stuck in the Blogging Past?

Imagine an old lady crouched over her dining room table.

She spends 1 hour doing monthly bills, writing checks, stuffing envelopes and walking to the mail box to deliver the goods. Within 3-5 days, the bills arrive to vendors and businesses via snail mail. Processors complete the job over 5-7 days after the 1 hour the lady wasted writing, doing calculations, stuffing envelopes, affixing stamps and walking to a mail box.

Now, imagine if the old lady set up a direct payment online. At a specific time each month, the amount owed gets debited from her bank account. She does nothing during this split second process. She can be on vacation, be sleeping or be spending time with her grand kids while this debit takes place, to pay her bills.

What scenario sounds more intelligent, effective and hassle-free? The second, of course. But many old people who fear technology trudge through the old school bill paying process, wasting precious hours of energy and time doing something that could occur in a split second, if the person faced their fears and used technology to make their life easier.

This lady is a dinosaur, stuck in the past.

Are You Stuck in the Blogging Past? 2

Many bloggers make a similar critical error, being blogging dinosaurs stuck in the past, making their life difficult, painful, annoying and frustrating, all because they do not face fears and move on with the times. I see people still starting blogs on free platforms. Maybe you could get away with using a free platform 10 years ago, when readers were not as sophisticated, but these days, you are dead in the water on free platforms. No credibility. No trust.

Amazon and other reputable digital storefronts make transactions lightning fast, giving customers what they want and giving you, a modern day blogger seizing these opportunities, sweet commission checks.

But a few years ago, I read how a blogger actually went through a 4 step process of receiving orders for a book via email, responded to the email with a mailing address and request for a check, and demanded the customer send a check that they would receive by mail, before shipping the book. I am not kidding; I wish I was.

Meanwhile, someone just bought another of my eBooks on Amazon in a split second, clicking a button to buy, getting their Kindle while my commission direct deposit grew bigger.

Poverty conscious bloggers make poor decisions mired in fear, foolishness and….in the past. How do you resist technology? How do you cling to the past so it destroys your blogging present? Do you run a self-hosted, WordPress blog? Do you use white hat SEO versus the dinosaur, worn out, black hat techniques guaranteed to lead to long term blogging failure?

Be present. Let go of the past. Use technology to improve your life, to create a pleasant user experience and to promote your success. I recall someone complaining a while back how I should not assume all people have credit cards, when they said they could not buy one of my eBooks. Really? This ain’t 1950’s USA. I do understand some readers in different countries may not have as much ease accessing credit cards and even bank accounts, but when people from North America are complaining about not having a credit card in 2014, that is a massive warning sign that the individual will be a blogging dinosaur for quite a while, stuck in the past, not able to access the best products and services online.


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