Are You Sprinting Before You Crawl with Your Blog?

Let’s cover this topic again guys.

Someone emailed me a few moments ago. A new blogger excited to begin this journey talked of creating ebooks, setting up their monetizing and other factors for sprinters.

You know what I mean. Sprinters who should be crawling as new bloggers. I admire ambition. I love hitting the ground running. But first you crawl, then you walk, then you jog, then you run, and then you sprint with your blog.

I love learning on the fly. But taking a Quantum Leap leads to failure.

I just published a post on this topic the other day. Right here. I cover the topic frequently.

Why? Most bloggers who make mistakes in the ambition department excitedly try to sprint before they crawl. Imagine thinking about writing an entire ebook if you have yet to write and publish a 600-word blog post?

Doesn’t that sound a bit nuts? I see bloggers who complain to me about having no ideas to write a 600-word blog post turn around in the next breath and try to write an entire ebook filled with six thousand words. It makes no sense. Wild excitement is fear and fear makes you do dumb stuff. Point blank.

How about you just write a single, 600 word blog post right now addressing the needs of your readers? Start there. Then comment genuinely on 5 to 10 blogs from your niche today.

How does that sound? Not too sexy, right?  Of course, it doesn’t sound sexy.

It leads to success. Every complex, foolish activity new bloggers dive into leads to failure. So if I advise you do something simple and quite easy, rest assured that leads to success. But if you try to run before you can crawl, you will fall flat on your face and fail because you are not ready yet.

You have not put in the time, energy and general service to be skilled and connected enough to have success with launching an ebook. Heck, you cannot even write the e-book LOL!

Are You Sprinting Before You Crawl with Your Blog? 2

Relax. Take your time. Publish a single blog post right now.

Comment on five blogs from your niche. Promote five other bloggers from your niche. Start there. Do not bother sprinting because you’re not ready to sprint with your blog. First you need to crawl for a few years.

Just like a blogging baby. Because you are a blogging baby.

Maybe you just started blogging last week. Or perhaps you bought your domain and hosting 3 years ago but only spent 50 to 500 hours blogging. If you spend 500 hours blogging, you are a blogging baby.

You are new to the game. Just because you own your domain and hosting for three years does not make you an established blogger. Blogging for 10,000 hours makes you an established blogger.

Helping people for free for 10,000 hours makes you an established blogger. Owning a domain and hosting is worthless. Especially if you don’t do anything with it.

As I promote my blogging mindset eBook:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

I see most bloggers begin their venture from a poverty conscious, failure conscious mindset. Wild excitement. Trying to sprint before they can crawl. Trying to make money before they practice blogging for 5,000 plus hours.

This is a huge mistake. Guaranteed you will fail if you think like a failure.

So buy the e-book, read it, leave me a positive review if you enjoyed it and share it with your friends, and begin to think feel and act like a successful blogger. From day one, successful bloggers slowly but patiently and generously crawl.

Pros know that before you become a professional blogger you need to master the basics. Start there. Crawl forward.

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