Are You Networking or Lone Wolfing?

All success I’ve had on my blog is because of my friend network. I never do anything solo. Why? If I buy my own stuff, I see a zero-sum gain. I cannot make any money buying stuff from myself. However, if some other human being buys my course or any of my ebooks I make a profit. Other human beings need to read your blog, buy your stuff and hire you for you to make money. This is why you need to network. If you go alone wolf, guess what? You will blog in a cyber cave. Nobody will read your blog or perhaps a few people read your blog But try building a thriving business on a few people. Impossible.

Are you networking or lone wolfing with your blog every day? Be honest with yourself. Ask the question. Wait for a genuine answer. If you try to do everything by yourself, you are trying to be a lone wolf and will continue to fail. Nobody succeeds solo because we need a friend network to endorse us, to promote us to buy our stuff and to hire us. Nobody has enough time to succeed solely by their own steam. Successful bloggers build friend networks. Everybody else struggles and fails. Eventually, this struggling and failing crowd quits because they tried to do it solo when every successful blogger in their niche networks and builds their tribe of hundreds to thousands of people, or more.

I found blogging quite easy the moment I began genuinely networking. I would comment genuinely on blogs, promote other bloggers on my blog and through social media and would simply trust in the process. After doing this every day for a few weeks and expecting nothing, slowly but surely, I would have wake to 5, 10 or 30 retweets of my latest blog post. That’s my generosity. That’s my network. Helping all these people for free allowed bonds to form. Friends promoted me through Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Friends also bought my e-books. Friends hired me to coach them. Friends bought my blogging courses. Friends made my life easier and easier because there’s a passive element about my blogging campaign.

Are You Networking or Lone Wolfing? 2

I can go to sleep and wake up to a new e-book sale. I can go to sleep and wake up to a new client. Why? My blogging friend network promotes me and endorses me around the clock to their tribes. That’s a lot of people. If I tried to do everything on my own, I wouldn’t be able to reach these people because I have no network. See how it works?

Be generous and genuine. Comment on blogs. Promote other bloggers on your blog. Promote other bloggers on social media. Take your time. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Eventually, some of these bloggers will become your friends. Blogging friends promote your success by expanding your reach. Some endorse you. Some promote you. Others buy your stuff. Some hire you. Money and traffic will flow your way in proportion to the size, scale and loyalty of your blogger buddy network. Make a ton of friends by being nice. Help people out. Expect nothing. Observe how your blogging success mushrooms as your blogging network grows.

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