Are There too Many Blogs Online to Be Successful?


Absolutely not.

We blog on a creative, abundant plane. Not on a competitive, scarcity, poverty plane. Bloggers vibing mainly from fear look at folks blogging in their niche, fearing they go AGAINST these humans, when in truth we just live in abundance. We have unlimited resources. If you remove your fear and blog from love you see this quite quickly and easily. But bloggers tend to blog from fear and then, fear the competition. As blogs increase in number from 200 million to 300 million – some place in between – competitive bloggers filled with fear believe there are too many blogs to succeed. Why? Fear makes you see the world through a prism of fear. You fear you cannot stand out from 300 million blogs and decide to quit versus wasting your time.

Fear goads you to make stupid decisions.

But blogging from energies of love, harmony and abundance helps you blog from a generous, successful vibe. Guess what happens? You cease fearing bloggers in your niche and co-create with said bloggers so all bloggers involved, succeed. We all win! I have admin rights to a handful of awesome blogs and posting rights on a huge collection of blogs. I see no competition. I just co-create with other bloggers so we can all keep helping each other succeed. Sounds easier, eh? Not too scary, either. Nazim gave me admin aka posting rights, and I post here so much that my blogging buddies sometimes believe I have a new blog šŸ˜‰ Guess what? Nazim wins too. He gets steady, passive traffic without lifting a finger.

Are There too Many Blogs Online to Be Successful? 2

If I lived for 10,000 years I would happily co-create with all 300 million blogs out there. Alas, unless I keep doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga, and meditating, until I become Master Yoda, I will not live 700 years like he or 10,000 years like some Indian holy men, transitioning back and forth from the ethers to physical, bodily form. So I just co-create with a smaller but still impressive group of awesome bloggers so we all help each other succeed.

More and more readers ask me, “How much are your eBooks in rupees?” This is a sign all the guest posts I write on my Indian buddies’ blogs are paying awesome dividends for both of us. I drive passive, targeted traffic for my bros and add my name and experience, while I get awesome, targeted traffic, more eBook and course sales, and more traffic. Plus, my blogging buddies get more traffic and sales too, as people see their ads, premium offerings and….blogs.

Why the heck would you compete with someone, when you can co-create? All great ventures and much happiness is rooted in letting go the fear of competition to co-create abundance from a peaceful, generous, Unity-binding, energy.

Get rid of the competition in your mind. Begin co-creating. There can never be too many blogs in abundance and nobody goes against you if you choose to either work with folks or to simply NOT go against folks. How in the heck do you think I wrote my inspired eBook about leaving a job you hate? (buy and enjoy) I had to go against the herd, and I had to step away from the herd, to live a life most bloggers envy. This involved me facing competition fears and leaving that idea behind as I chose to generously, calmly and abundantly co-create success for all of us….with you!

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