Amit Bhadana Net Worth 2024: Do You Know How Much He Earns?

You are at the right place if you are searching for Amit Bhadana’s net worth. Before that, do you remember? “Bhai Kya Bigaad Lega Jamana, Jab Har Jagah Chha Raha Hai, Amit Bhadana…”

This is the most common dialogue that you might hear in most of his videos and it really fits right for him. 6 years ago, Amit Bhadana entered the Youtube industry and created a multimillion fan base due to his accent in Hariyanvi and Desi dialects. 

We usually watch him wearing middle-class outfits, shooting in villages, running bicycles, and playing roles such as rickshaw driver or milk distributor. But who knows about his branded and luxurious life. Do you know what’s his per-day income? Continue reading.

amit bhadana net worth

Amit Bhadana: A Brief Overview Of This Name

Amit Bhadana is the finest comedian, YouTuber, internet personality, and good singer. His life started in a small village Bulandshahar and continued in Delhi. Despite being a law graduate, he wanted to do something beyond the daily life work pressure and make others happy.

Net Worth Of Amit Bhadana

Not only the networth, we have also estimated Amit Bhadana’s yearly and monthly income as well.

  • Amit Bhadana Net Worth: $6 Million or Rs. 50 Crores
  • Amit Bhadana Annual Income: $4.8 Million or Rs. 40 Crores
  • Amit Bhadana Monthly Income: $45K or Rs. 38 Lakhs

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Amit Bhadana’s Info

Learn more about his personal details here.

  • Age: 29 years old 
  • Birth Date: 7 September 1994
  • Birth Place: Bulandshahar (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Height: 5’8 inches
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Status: Unmarried

Amit Bhadana’s Contact

You can contact or connect with Amit Bhadana through the social links below:

Amit Bhadana’s Luxury Lifestyle

If you ask about Amit’s lifestyle, it’s too elementary and down to earth. Unlike other YouTube celebrities, he never showed off his luxuries. He lives in his Delhi apartment with his family.

When you earn millions, you automatically upgrade yourself with brands and costly gadgets. His branded and elite watches, shoes, clothing, and accessories says a different story. Amit’s cars and bike collection has some premium picks such as Mercedes Benz E Class (worth Rs. 70 Lakhs), Toyota Fortuner (worth 60 Lakhs), Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, (worth 7 Lakhs), and so on. He also owns some properties in UP and Delhi. 

He does a lot of heavy investments in making videos for his YouTube Channel that helped him get Silver, Gold, and Diamond play buttons. As a fun-loving person, Amit seems very active on his social media handles.

On the separate side, he loves traveling, meeting celebrities, and playing with kids and dogs.

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Amit Bhadana Net Worth 2024: Do You Know How Much He Earns?

Amit Bhadana YouTuber: How Does Amit Bhadana Earn From YouTube?

Channel NameAmit Bhadana
Number Of Video Upload107
Live Subscribers24.5 Million
Live Views2,444,954,155
Creation Date24 Oct 2012
Amit Bhadana Youtube IncomeRs. 25 Lakhs per month

If you have some doubts about his income source or how he’s able to manage all these expenses, you must remember three money-making gigs that are Sponsorship, Advertisements, and Collaborations.

Youtube is the major source of Bhadana’s income, so let’s talk about it first. On average estimates, YouTube pays every Indian YouTuber Rs 0.053 – Rs 2.00 per view depending on the quality and niche of the channel.

As per our estimates, with super chats, sponsorships, etc, and other Youtube monetization policies, anyone can easily draw Rs .0.8 – Rs. 2.5 per view or Rs. 800 – Rs. 2500 per thousand on average.

Youtube Amit Bhadana has two YouTube channels. His first one is self-titled with over 24.5 million subscribers and over 2 billion views. He started it in 2017 with his first upload on 1 March, “Exams be like. Board Preparations like” at zero views but today it is 5.6+ million.

homepage of amit bhadana youtube channel

In just one year, he got his first milestone, his video got featured in 2018’s Youtube top 10 video list. On 26 Oct 2020, he launched his second YouTube Franchise, Amit Bhadana Dwitiya.

On the basis of both monetized Youtube channels, his earning surpasses $30,000-$40,000 which is Rs. 25 lakh- Rs. 35 Lakhs per month and Rs.50K- Rs. 1 Lakhs per day.

Awards And Accolades

Amit Bhadana was praised with multiple awards due to his unique comedy content. These awards not only come with sparkling trophies and golden titles but huge cash prizes. 

In 2019, he won Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Best YouTube Creator during the International film festival. Do you know each winner gets $ 13,000 or Rs. 10 Lakhs of money?

It is evident that his accomplishments have yielded substantial financial rewards. Look over his other awards and accolades:

  • MTV Viral King Of The Year
  • Viral Content of The Year 2019
  • India Most Admirable Brand’s Award 
  • National Academy Award 
  • National Summit Award

Other Income Sources

YouTube isn’t the only platform filling cents in his pocket. His endorsements and sponsorships are digging gold as well. He charges approximately Rs. 3-10 Lakhs for each stage show, brand endorsement, and paid promotion.

His Youtube business has collaborated with Creators Company (formerly known as Brandzup (VCOI) Media) which is the top influencer marketing agency in India. He also earns from the merchandise sales.

He has collaborated with top brands / companies (such as Pepsi and Vodaphone) and many well-known celebrities including Badshaah, Ashish Chanchalani, Elvish Yadav, and others.

In December 2020, he also made headlines as the brand ambassador of the Mobile Premier League which is one of the most prestigious mobile gaming platforms.

He’s into acting and singing as well. In Nov 2021, he appeared in a Hindi comedy serial, Amit Bhadana on Disney+ Hotstar and created many music videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the monthly income of Amit Bhadana?

Amit Bhadana’s monthly income is Rs 35 Lakhs.

What is the income of Amit Bhadana YouTuber?

Amit Bhadana’s annual income is Rs. 40 Crores.

How many subscribers does Amit Bhadana have?

He has over 24 million subscribers.

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Conclusion about Net worth and Income Of Amit Bhadana

As a prominent YouTuber, Amit Bhadana has made an illustrious career as a comedian at the heights of success. His distinctive style and captivating content garnered a huge fan base and solidified his position as one of India’s most renowned content creators. 

Although the precise details of his net worth remain “just estimated” as he never disclosed his earnings. Through unwavering dedication, relevant content, and deep connection with his audience he made his name as a brand in the realm of digital entertainment.

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