5 Ways to Get Your Blog to Stand Out from Millions of Blogs

Standing out from millions of blogs online seems like a tall task to most new bloggers. I never feared competition because I focused on myself and took definite steps to be unique in the eyes of my readers. But most bloggers fear competition because they focus on the competition versus taking care of home base.

Concentrate on yourself. What can you control? Focus on what you can control and follow the five tips below to stand out from millions of blogs online.

1: Buy Your Domain and Hosting

Buying your domain and hosting is such an easy way to make a minimal investment and stand out from millions of bloggers who mistakenly use free blogging platforms. I stood out from most bloggers because I bought my domain and hosting from day one of my blogging career. Definitely one of my best decisions as a blogger. For $7 to $10 a month you can buy your hosting and a domain won’t cost you more than $15 a year in most cases. Buy both. Stand out.

2: Buy a Premium Theme

Buy a premium theme to stand out from the crowd of bloggers with free, plain themes. This requires such a small financial investment and helps you to leap frog ahead of so many bloggers terrified to spend a cent on blogging. Stand out from the freebie, struggling crowd. Buy a premium blog theme.

3: Blog in Your Voice by Practicing Your Writing

Blog in your voice. Write 500 to 1000 words daily in a Word document offline for practice to gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice. Increase your writing skills. Polish your writing skills. Stand out from the crowd by writing in your voice. Practicing your writing is the quickest way to write in your voice and writing in your genuine voice is the simplest way to stand out from millions of blogs online. Never parrot another blogger.

5 Ways to Get Your Blog to Stand Out from Millions of Blogs 2

Blog you. Be you and blog that person. Your voice is your voice. Nobody can imitate your writing voice when you write from your heart and writing from your heart gets easier if you practice writing daily.

4: Build Your Friend Network

Build your friend network by generously helping other bloggers. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Make friends. Stand out from the crowd of Lone Wolf bloggers who fade into oblivion. Most bloggers disappear because they have no friends promoting them and endorsing them. Connected bloggers who network generously expand their presence at a rapid rate because their friends spread their word for them. Make friends. Stand out from bloggers with no networks. Either you are connected or you are on the outside looking in.

5: Blog Mainly for Fun Not Profits

This one will really make you stand out in a major league way because most bloggers blog for money and fail due to their desperation. Following your fun makes you shine brightly and stand out from millions of other blogs. Blog mainly for fun. See profits as an extra or as a bonus. Shine brightly in a world of desperate or greedy bloggers. Stand out from the crowd.


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2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Your Blog to Stand Out from Millions of Blogs”

  1. Hey Ryan and Nazim,

    Blogging is fun only when you consider it as your passion and your revenue as your reward. Comparing yourselves with others (pro-bloggers) might be discouraging sometimes so choose to be optimistic.

    Never stop learning from them and Be You. Ryan Biddulph has been the simplest and most fun blogger.

    Jeangam Kahmei


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