5 Tips to Make Money Blogging


Most bloggers want it.

Few bloggers earn it.

I struggled for years to make dough because I ignored most tips below, for stretches of my blogging career. Never fall for get rich quick schemes. Never compare yourself to top bloggers, craving their success without putting in the years of effort. I recall one 7 figure earner who made $600 after publishing 1-3 posts daily….for an entire year. Most bloggers panic, and head toward poverty. A select few top bloggers go pro by having posture, by being calm and by seeing their blogging journey through.

Make yourself one of those prospering, pro bloggers.

Follow these tips.

1: Blog Your Passion

Blog your passion. Do something you really love doing. Blogging your passion makes you generous, patient and persistent, all qualities to develop if you want to make money blogging. Pick a niche you love, and make sure you love blogging, too.

Passionate bloggers seem rare because most bloggers chase money. I was not exempt from this tendency, as a newbie. But I did wake up, feel deep fears and I proceeded to blog mainly for fun and passion. Best decision I ever made online.

2: Buy Your Domain and Hosting

Buy your domain and hosting. Own your online real estate. People buy from bloggers they know, like and trust. Owning your domain and hosting makes you more credible, more trustworthy. So….own it! Invest 7 to 20 dollars a month for solid hosting. Buy your domain for 12 to 14 dollars a year, typically. Invest peanuts in a key aspect of monetizing your blog effectively.

3: Create Helpful Content Solving Reader Needs

Create helpful content solving specific reader needs to boost your credibility. Be clear. Stay on topic. Do not stray off course. Be on purpose. For example, I always write about blogging tips here because this is a blogging tips blog. I write about blogging tips via my eBooks too. Makes perfect sense. Be seen as a specialist, not a generalist. Cover one topic to boost your credibility and to make money blogging.

5 Tips to Make Money Blogging 2

4: Befriend Top Bloggers By Helping Them

This one is so easy, but so often ignored. Help top bloggers. Ask them for nothing. Make friends. Watch where these friendships take you. I just retweeted a mention of mine on a top blog in my niche. How did the mention come about? I built a friendship with a top blogger by helping him out without expecting anything from the individual. I simply served him, a bond formed, and this simple process has amplified my reach by leaps and bounds, boosting my profits. Put your needs to the side, though. Never cold pitch top bloggers to beg them or even ask them to do something for you. Bad idea. No bond forms if you try to manipulate top bloggers because these folks have seen that lame approach thousands of times.

5: Engage Readers Who Love Your Content

Keep talking to people who love what you do. I just spoke to about 4 folks who retweeted my eBooks on Twitter. If they love what I offer I would be foolish to ignore them. Engaging loyal fans boosts profits because these folks buy what you have to offer if you consistently chat ’em up, building bonds. Respond to people who RT your content with thanks. Ask people how they are feeling, and how their day is going. Be human. How do folks speak offline? Speak like that online, chatting with folks who enjoy your content, to form prospering, profitable bonds that help you make money blogging.

Blogging profits will flow to you but you need be patient, persistent and generous.

I believe you are up to it.

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