4 Ways to Connect with Online Buyers

Are you having a difficult time finding buyers online?

No need for that.

Following a few simple, practical tips can change your fortunes.

But seeing the journey through feels uncomfortable sometimes. Money often sits on the other side of fear. Online buyers often sit on the other side of fear, too.

Being uncomfortable during challenging moments makes the difference between online success and online failure. Often, this involves making a blanket decision to be the blogger who thinks about service most, versus thinking about self-service.

Follow these tips to connect with online buyers.

1: Invest in a Resource

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Investing money in resources seems like one-stop shopping to me. Spend money to access a complete solution to your buyer dilemma. Pros teach you how to find these folks. Listen closely. Invest money in their experience and wisdom. Profit through your blog.

2: Target Your Campaigns

Target your campaign. Sell intelligently. Find coveted buyers.

I guest post only in spots where prospective online buyers be. From appearing on blogging tips blogs to spending a little time on self help blogs – I wrote and self-published a large collection of personal development eBooks – I simply spend most of my time and energy connecting with people who dig my premium offerings.

Further target your campaign by using hashtags on social media sites like Twitter. Research top hashtags in your niche to zero in. Remember to pepper niche specific keywords into blog post titles. Send a loud, clear signal to readers and prospective customers to use your time effectively and to prosper.

3: Guest Post Generously

Guest post on well-read blogs from your niche. Leverage your presence to reach more potential buyers. I can only reach so many folks through my blog but fellow bloggers offer me large, targeted audiences I can help and connect with. Build bonds with bloggers. Be generous. Promote them. Endorse them.


4 Ways to Connect with Online Buyers 2

Comment genuinely on their blogs. Be persistent. Eventually, blogging buddies pitch you invites to guest post on their blogs if you have practiced writing and publish persistently to your blog.

4: Promote Yourself Tirelessly

This was my genuine difference maker. I began to promote myself tirelessly a few months ago to get clearer on my offerings. Sales jumped and I found online buyers with greater ease, all because I removed many fears around my premium products and services.

Promote yourself persistently. Call prospective customers to buy your course or eBook via all posts and via most if not all guest posts, for bloggers who allow promotion of premium products.

No one finds buyers unless you offer buyers something to buy.

Few people dig for your offering unless you have immense clarity around your premium products and services. Few bloggers have this clarity, so just promote yourself freely and boost your profits while finding buyers online with greater ease.

Be at peace with feeling uncomfortable, guys. Money issues often come with facing deep fears, to make financial breakthroughs. Buyers await; follow these tips persistently to connect with these folks more easily.

Selling becomes easier the more freely you help people. Remember that to find more online buyers.

Being generous also makes the journey more fun, as an added bonus.

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