4 Tips to Think Like a Pro Blogger

Have you bought my blogging eBook?

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging propelled me on the 2nd leg of my pro blogging career.

I went pro years prior; this release inspired me to up the ante a few levels.

Prior, I covered a niche I did not really love. Blogging From Paradise – and this flagship eBook – helped me reach the next level.

Do you see how I led off with a clear, specific call to action to buy my stuff?

Pro bloggers do it this way. Guaranteed, almost all amateurs feel uncomfortable leading off with a premium call.

Why? Amateurs need to master tip #1 below to become pros.

Before you become a pro you need to think like a pro. How you think and feel determines how you act. How you act dictates your results.

1: Get Comfortable with Charging and Receiving Money

Professional bloggers charge money to receive money. Pros do this because otherwise, pros cannot be pros. Amateurs receive no money for their efforts. Pros receive money.

Think like pros. Charge money for various services and products. Be comfortable with receiving money. Do not feel bad about charging money. Do not feel awkward or ashamed with receiving money.

I feel clear, comfortable and grateful for people who pay me $20 for the above eBook. It is just money. I am a pro. Pros receive dough. Get comfy with money to think like a pro.

2: Face and Feel Fears

Face and feel deep fears. Pros face deep fears and release said fears after feeling, to reach the next stage of growth.

I realized today I wasted a bit too much time going back and forth even twice regarding cheapies who want sponsored posts on my blog. I went back and forth because I feared leaving opportunities for profiting on the table.

Facing that fear, today I began offering one final sponsored post price and told pitching folks if they respond trying to barter that final price, I will immediately mark their email as spam because they ignored my response email or disrespected me and my time by refusing to take me at my word.

Minutes saved by junking emails immediately – unless the person pays my final price – add up to hours and weeks over my blogging career.

4 Tips to Think Like a Pro Blogger 2

I had to face and feel fear-guilt concerning putting these folks in spam folders. After releasing the fear-guilt, I could clearly see how a pro blogger like me needs to make everybody take direct responsibility for their ignorance and disrespect of time.

3: ABL

Always Be Leveraging.

Leverage the heck out of your online presence through:

  • guest posting
  • genuine blog commenting
  • promoting other bloggers

Pro bloggers leverage their presence daily; otherwise, they could not be a pro.

Be thorough. Be generous. Being in many places at once requires you to generously help folks in many spots for free, daily. Get after it.

Nobody became a pro blogger giving 100% attention and energy to their blog, alone. Pros need friends. Make friends through your generosity. Leverage like a pro.

4: Get Comfortable with Investing Money in Your Business

Invest money to make money. Pros invest their attention, energy, and money in building a business.

Minimum, pro bloggers invest in their domain and hosting. Most pros invest in a premium theme too.

Think like a pro; follow these 4 tips to see pro blogging results over the long term.

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