4 Practical Tips for Smart Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is still underrated as a blogger networking and business building strategy.

Sometimes, bloggers look for some quick and easy approach to making friends with top bloggers.

*Quick* does not exist in terms of sound, smart blogging strategies but if you want a simple and quite easy way to make inroads with your blog, genuine blog commenting is the way to go. Easy peasy, and if you are patient, this method reaps big returns over the long haul.

Think of blog commenting as the perfect way for any blogger to make an impact. No barriers exist, save being genuine to stay out of spam folders. Literally, any blogger on earth can comment on any blog in the world with comments open if you follow these simple, practical steps.

Easy peasy strategy, once again, because if you accept this point you understand how genuine commenting can kick start your blogging career super fast. Be patient, persistent, pleasant and generous to open doors through this special medium.

Follow these tips for smart blog commenting.

1: Invest in a Resource

I wrote an eBook for you to do blog commenting right:

How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting

Buy it, to have a guide handy when you are tempted to spam someone or not post a comment at all. My eBook gives you guidance but also reminds you NOT to overlook commenting, if you comment genuinely.

Be warm, engaging and invest in a resource to comment intelligently.


4 Practical Tips for Smart Blog Commenting 2

2: Share Genuine Thoughts

Even if my comments span 2-3 sentences I make a specific point related to the blog post itself. This is the easiest way to make an impact. Prove to fellow bloggers that you care, and listen, and read their content.

Be mindful. Prove your mindfulness. Be a generous, genuine blog commentor by sharing at least a few sentences noting some specific point in the post. You have only a few seconds to make an impact. Make those seconds count.

3: Personalize Comments

Mentioning someone’s name and dropping your name are such easy ways to blog comment effectively.

You and I love it when people use our names; most important word, in our native tongue. Address fellow bloggers by name to stand out from the less mindful, hurried crowd. Sign off with your name to add a punch to your presentation.

Be present, and personalized in your approach, to make a blog commenting impact.

4: Follow Comment Legends

Donna Merrill has been genuinely commenting on blogs for years. She clues you into what mindful, authentic blog commenting can do for your blog and business over the long term.

Sometimes, if I get a little lazy with commenting, pros like Enstine Muki keep me on the straight and narrow, giving me a little nudge, to keep the engagement train going through commenting.

Follow Donna and Enstine to gain inspiration from their loving, generous examples.

Blog Commenting Is Simple

Imagine making friends by sharing your thoughts? This is the essence of genuine blog commenting.

Why not comment, if you are sharing your thoughts all day long, anyway?

Be social and warm. Express a genuine interest in fellow bloggers.

Blog commenting is a fun way to make friends and grow your business if you take the intelligent route so….take it!

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4 thoughts on “4 Practical Tips for Smart Blog Commenting”

  1. Another great guide, Ryan! The way I see blog commenting is almost like social media… Influencers have grown their following by commenting on tons of other accounts, too. A blog was never intended to be an island, the internet is a huge network that only works if we link to each other and collaborate. Commenting is, as you have pointed out, an integral part of this. I’m also gonna share this post in my group chat!

  2. Blog commenting may not be a ranking factor but it sure can drive targeted traffic.
    All you need to do is make your comment standout.. If your appreciating the author for the post, Make it captivating.. Have questions want to ask about the topic, make it quick and snappy.
    Stay clear of spamming, it speaks less of your blog values.

    Henry Obilor


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