4 Guest Posting Fears to Dissolve

Guest posting increases your blog traffic, profits and brand awareness.

But most bloggers suffer a minefield of guest posting fears to face, feel and release before diving in to this game.

I wrote 2000 guest posts during my online career. You know I felt many deep fears related to guest posting on blogs.

I felt burdened by the fear of being criticized. Plus I absolutely knew guest posting would waste my time. No questions about that one. I clung to so many deep, pulsating fears that it was a wonder I ever sat down and actually wrote and submitted a guest post.

Knifing through this fear does wonder for your blog and brand. Guest posting gives you a powerful platform for speaking to a high number of people hungry for your work and even hungrier to read your blog.

Business grows too, as does blog traffic. But accessing these sweet benefits demands you to get down and dirty with your fears.

Worry not; you are definitely up to it.

Follow these tips and face these fears to become a guest posting machine.

1: People Will Ignore My Post

No I won’t.

I pay attention to guest posters who post value.

Publish valuable posts. People take notice. You succeed.

Get through your fear of being ignored by paying attention to other bloggers. Comment on their blogs. Promote them. Endorse them. Be generous. Mention bloggers on your blog. People notice bloggers who notice them.

2: Who Am I to Guest Post?

We want to hear your expertise but get over the fear of being frauds so we can hear from you, OK?

I felt I was stupid many years ago. 10 years back when I was a new blogger, I believed I was a fraud or fake. How could I teach blogging if I knew little about blogging?

I faced the fear of being fraudulent head on and began guest posting, even in my old school blogging days. Guest post opportunities flowed to me because I believed in myself.

Believe in you. People believe in bloggers who believe in themselves. Guest post from authority because I want to hear what you have to offer.

3: Critics Will Skewer Me

Critics may toss nasty barbs your way.

4 Guest Posting Fears to Dissolve 2

But most readers who find your guest posts either never comment or comment positively in response to your work.

Do not fear critics. I did for many years but fearing ’em made me avoid guest posting. Bloggers graciously asked me to guest post but I feared their readers did not like me and would say bad things about me and my blog.

Critical people are a part of life. Be easy when someone offers negative feedback. Do not cower from criticism. Learn more about critics and yourself. Guest post. Profits outweigh someone’s opinion of you.

4: Waste of Time

This is the #1 fear bloggers feel about guest posting. So many bloggers miss out because they believe guest posting wastes their time.

Guest posting leverages your presence. Talk about being a smart use of your time, right? NOT guest posting is a waste of time because you lose opportunities to connect with large, loyal audiences interested in your blog, business, and brand.


Knife through these fears.

Guest posting feels scary at first but becomes easy if you nudge into fears routinely.

Tap into the sugary sweet benefits of guest posting to be a successful blogger.

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