3 Tips to Go from Employee to Pro Blogger

Being a pro blogger feels fun and freeing. But making the jump from employee to entrepreneur feels scary sometimes. Flat out uncomfortable, some of the time. Imagine working 40 hours weekly at your full time job. Get home after work. Relax. Kick up your feet. Then, enjoy dinner. Spend time with your partner. Settle in to TV. Go to sleep. Repeat the cycle the following day. How do you find time to blog? You *MAKE* time to blog because pro bloggers commit 100% to blogging. Years before they go pro, when they are a full time employee.

Make freeing but uncomfortable choices to begin your transition.

1: Make Love of Freedom Stronger than Fear of Committing

Employees usually fail to blog successfully because employees fear committing to blogging more than loving freedom. Note the example above. Most full time employees prefer comfort, misery and clinging to a fear of committing to blogging over being 100% in love with and totally committed to living a life of freedom through blogging. Bloggers who commit 100% to freedom MAKE time to blog 2-4 hours or more daily. Yes; even full time employees do this, blogging 2-4 hours each night because loving freedom more than anything goads you to blog every single day, even when doing so feels highly uncomfortable.

2: Invest Money in Resources from People Who Become Pro Bloggers

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I went from security guard to chilling in Bali as a pro blogger. Naturally, I wrote an eBook detailing how you can go from employee to entrepreneur, too. Buy it. Gain confidence in yourself and in your ability to go from employee to entrepreneur. Most bloggers doubt themselves terribly, seeing themselves as full time employees versus budding pro bloggers. Invest money in resources for proper blueprints to follow, in order to go pro.

3 Tips to Go from Employee to Pro Blogger 2

3: Spend 30 Minutes Daily on Managing Your Energy

Every time, FEAR is the only thing-energy stopping you from going the pro blogger route, as a full time employee. Employees fear spending time blogging after working long and hard at their full time job. Comfort reigns over being free. Even if you absolutely despise your job, you need to spend time daily meditating, doing yoga or doing whatever helps you manage your energy. Manage your energy to expand your awareness. Expand your awareness to unearth, face, feel and release fears holding you back. When you regularly manage your energy, you make time to blog every day. Even if you work a full time job. Why? Again and again, you face, feel and release fears holding you back. Release fears. Get to work. Make fun, freeing decisions to blog. Position yourself to break employee chains to embrace the freedom of being a pro blogger.


Be realistic. Blogging for hundreds to thousands of hours lays the foundation for your pro blogging career. Be generous. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Overnight success is impossible. But blogging the right way positions you to make the jump from employee to entrepreneur.

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