3 Tips for Targeting Your Blog Traffic

Although it does not hurt to drive a high volume of non-targeted traffic to your blog it makes sense to target your traffic. Think efficiency and effectiveness. If you have 20 minutes to write a guest post does it make sense to publish the post on any blog or to publish it on a blog 100% aligned with your niche?

Targeting your blog traffic saves time, energy and reduces your headaches too because success finds clear bloggers stress-free, their clarity dissolving many blogging problems.

1: Cover 1 Topic

Cover a single topic to drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Most bloggers screw this up because they try to cover as many topics as possible. Others blog about anything that comes into their mind on any given day. Imagine walking in to a post office and ordering Chinese food? Now imagine trying to follow a blog covering dog training one day and blogging tips the following day. No continuity, no targeting.

Cover a single topic to cover the topic well and to drive targeted traffic to your blog. People see you as an expert. Readers recommend your blog to their friends who require your specific expertise, increasing your targeted blog traffic. Stay on topic. Do not stray off course. Increase your targeted blog traffic.

2: Guest Post on Blogs from Your Niche

Guest post on niche blogs. Draw targeted blog traffic by leveraging your presence on blogs related to your niche. Make effective use of your time. I guest post on blogging tips blogs like Make Blogging these days to drive blogging tips hungry bloggers to Blogging From Paradise. Seems to make sense to me. Guest posting on off topic blogs helps increase blog traffic but picking only blogs aligned with your niche targets said traffic nicely.

Do homework on potential blogs for guest posting. Does the blogger cover only the same topic you blog about? If so, choose the blog for guest posting to target your traffic.

Do not hesitate to go off topic for guest posting if the blog resonates deeply with readers or if it is a big time blog.

3: Comment on Blogs from Your Niche

I commented on a travel blog 5 minutes ago. I help people retire to a life of island hopping through blogging. Travel bloggers fall into that niche. I created the idea for my blog after finding most travel bloggers struggled to blog full time, scrambling home in disappointment to work jobs solely to fund trips.

3 Tips for Targeting Your Blog Traffic 2

Comment on blogs from your niche. Make friends with like-minded bloggers. Drive targeted blog traffic.

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Save Time and Energy

Save your time and energy guys. Feel free to drive serious traffic to your blog from a volume perspective but do not sacrifice targeting for numbers because efficiency counts. Drive folks highly interested in your niche, products, services and eBooks to your blog to ensure your following enjoys what you have to offer.

I recall reading about how a gag site with genuinely epic traffic into the millions of visitors generated only $1000 USD for the entirety of the blog’s run. Who cares if you drive millions of people to your blog if nobody cares about what you have to offer?

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