3 Questions to Ask Before Guest Posting on a Blog

Guest posting can be a fun way to help people and succeed online.

Few blogging strategies offering leveraging potential like guest posting. Reaching a bunch of folks appeals to most bloggers.

But guest posting effectively requires asking yourself honest questions. Wait for equally honest answers. Proceed toward an intelligent, prospering guest posting campaign. Guest posting on any old blog never works. Target. Build bonds. Guest post on authority blogs. Make sure you satiate each requirement to get the most bang for your guest posting buck.

1: Does the Blog Relate 100% to Your Niche?

Does the blog relate 100% to your niche? Yes? Guest post there. My blog – Blogging From Paradise – relates 100% to Make Blogging because both blogs hail from the blogging tips niche. Readers following this blog want blogging tips. I offer blogging tips through my blog. Perfect match. I leverage my presence by increasing my exposure before a highly targeted, super interested, blogger audience.

Target. Make sure the blog aligns fully with your blogging niche. Going off niche makes no sense. Why guest post for bloggers who care less about your blog, your niche and what you have to offer?

Align to shine. Guest post on aligned blogs to increase your traffic and profits potential.

2: Did You Develop a Relationship with the Blogger?

I build bonds with almost all bloggers before guest posting invites flow my way. Blogging buddies roll out the guest posting red carpet through generous invites, frequent cross-promotion and other sweet benefits lobbed your way. My blogging buddies take care of me. Nazim gave me publishing rights here. I feel like this is my blog in some regards. Being grateful, I happily publish as many guest posts as humanly possible to be of service to him and his readership.

Develop friendships with fellow bloggers in your niche. Help them. Ask for nothing in return. Allow bonds to form organically in order to strengthen your friendships from a natural, detached energy. Blogging buddies open all kinds of guest posting doors dripping with multiple benefits. But first, put in the time to establish these powerful relationships.

3: Does the Blog Command Authority?

Guest post on respected blogs in your niche. Forget about the link juice aspect of guest posting. Guest posting birds of a feather flock together.

People perceive you based on where you guest post. Appearing on authority blogs improves your reputation. Improving your reputation builds rock solid credibility. Credible bloggers succeed. I never guest post on low quality blogs because I prefer to keep my good name and credibility intact. Ditto for you.

Never guest post on any old blog in your niche. Seek out respected bloggers who publish valuable posts on their blog. Build bonds with these bloggers. In time, guest post invites flow your way. Gobble up these opportunities to boost your blogging reputation. Accelerate your blogging success by guest posting only on authority blogs.

Note; expect to practice writing, creating and connecting for a while to earn the right to guest post on authority blogs. No serious blogger hands the keys to their blog to any blogger. Credible bloggers only invite respected, skilled bloggers to guest post on their blogs. Put in the time. Put in the work. Develop your skills to pay your dues before gaining invites to guest post on authority blogs.


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