3 Common Blogger Errors to Own and Solve

Blogging challenges even the most diligent bloggers.

You and I face all types of fears on this blogging journey. Do anything for thousands of hours; only enlightened beings glide seamlessly and gracefully through the ride. I did not. Nor do 100% of my fellow blogging buddies. The tough part? Facing, owning and solving blogging errors in the light of truth. Bloggers mean well. But most bloggers live in fantasy land, not seeing themselves honestly.

Own these errors. If you make these mistakes. The only way to make blogging easier if you own errors making blogging difficult.

1: Thinking Length Equals Value

Some bloggers believe only 2000 to 3000 word posts – or longer – yield value. Not true. Bloggers making 1 or all 3 of these errors find this post incredibly valuable, and it spans not but 600 words. Never equate blog post word length with value. Doing so creates oodles of bloat, wasted words and a less than fulfilling, airy, heavy blog post.

Hit your ideal word count to deliver on the title promise. Publish the post. Valuable posts are valuable posts whether 600 or 6000 words. All depends on your delivery. Deliver on the promise you made in the title. Publish a valuable blog post.

2: Blogging Solo

Blogging solo kills your blogging campaign. No one succeeds solo. Bloggers depend on their friend networks, loyal readers and rabid fans to drive traffic and profits. But most bloggers need to learn this lesson the hard way. Let me guess; you likely thought being a blogger meant writing a post, hitting the publish button, then doing the same thing daily for a while before success finds you. Nope. Failure finds you.

People ignore bloggers who ignore connecting with humans. Imagine writing and publishing one post daily for weeks. Who cares? Who trusts you? Who promotes you, endorses you, vouches for you and expands your presence? You have no friends. You made no friends. Good luck with that. Bloggers gone solo experience failure, big-time, because connected, generous networkers run circles around these folks.

Network generously. Help bloggers.

  • comment on their blogs
  • promote bloggers on social media
  • promote bloggers through your blog
  • endorse bloggers

Ask for nothing in return. Expect nothing in return. Earn trust. Express a genuine interest in bloggers versus in what bloggers can do for you. This is how to get connected. Getting connected is not a passive process. Getting connected is a generous process dripping with patience, persistence and trust.

3: Giving Up at Tiny Obstacles

Do not give up too darn easily guys. Never cower at tiny obstacles. Bloggers often give up if they face 5 minutes of writer’s block. Perhaps you sit down to write and publish a blog post. No ideas seem to knock on your mind’s door for 5 minutes or so. You give up, get up and avoid writing a blog post today because you fear sitting with a little bit of discomfort.

How do you expect to become a professional blogger if you give up on facing the tiniest obstacle in 5 minutes? Pro bloggers are made of stern stuff. Sit with a wee bit of discomfort. Be with your fears. Write the darn blog post. Ideas will flood into your mind. But give it 5-10 minutes…..or maybe a little bit longer. Everything changes when you change. Everything grows through the renewal of your mind.

Blogging – like travel – feels scary sometimes. But cowering at fear only guarantees your failure. Pick a fun, freeing driver. Dream big dreams. Big dreamers find the energy to persist through thick, thin and everything in between in order to become a full time blogger.

You can and will succeed. Own your mistakes. Correct your errors. Get on the blogging straight and narrow toward success.


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