2 Chief Blogging Benefits of Helping People for Free

Why in the heck would you help any person for free?

I betcha you may be stuck in the employee mindset, right? You want to get paid for your work. You deserve to be paid. I agree. But blogging is different from working a job. Bloggers spend time helping people for free to increase both their skill set and exposure. In time, with generous, patient persistence, and by opening multiple streams of income, you slowly but steadily make money blogging. Success will find you but first you need to patiently help people for free, for a sustained period of time. I know you crave immediate success but it just cannot happen in blogging.

If you want a quick paycheck, get a job.

If you want a life of fun and freedom, become a professional blogger.

Increase Your Skills (and Skill Set)

I wrote thousands of words daily between all of my guest posts and blog posts. I can only write thousands of words daily because I wrote hundreds of words daily for years. Practice to increase your skills. Increasing your skills helps you be seen as a credible, trustworthy blogger. Folks often say I write dazzling content; a dear reader recently said I write viral content, after reading one of my eBooks. Why? I wrote millions of words for free, so now, people pay to read my eBooks and to read my paperbacks and to follow my blogging courses.

Help people for free through blog posts, guest posts, videos and podcasts. Increasing skills is one part of this equation; working aka blogging for free also increases your skill set. 10 years ago, I only knew how to write blog posts. Now I know how to podcast, create videos and I also learned the nuances of networking. How? I spend thousands of hours practicing each skill – gratis – to become more skilled in each area.

Increase Your Exposure

Most bloggers suffer from an exposure problem. Nobody knows who they are because they’ve little or no exposure. I do not have that issue, although I am REALLY ramping up my blogging exposure these days by guest posting on 4 or more blogs daily. Plus I publish 5-6 or more posts on Blogging From Paradise daily. Imagine at the end of today; 11 pieces of content appear in the blog-o-sphere with the name “Ryan Biddulph” attached to the content. Imagine how dropping 11 more pieces of content with your name attached every single day increases your exposure.

2 Chief Blogging Benefits of Helping People for Free 2

Help people for free to be see all over your niche. People believe I have 10 Ryan’s working for me. Others think I mastered wizardry, or witch-craft. I am just a generous dude who helps as many people for free daily, a secret of highly successful, established, pro bloggers who seem to be everywhere in their niche.

Help as many humans as possible for free and you will gain such massive exposure that success will be yours. Make sure to be patient, persistent and generous, every single day. Success finds those who help people for free for at least 4 hours daily, or more. Keep helping people for free. Eventually, you will be helping people for pay. The trick is remembering why you help people for free through blogging. Avoid falling back into the employee mindset of trying to get something for every bit of work you do. Delay your gratification. Slow down. Calm down.

Blogging is a business; the paycheck will be delayed but the fun and freedom and fulfillment you experience blogging-wise makes delaying your success well worth the wait.


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