2 Buzzwords for Cutting Your Blogging Learning Curve Fast

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed with your blogging education?

This journey seems intimidating sometimes.

But embodying 2 buzzwords makes learning blogging easier. What buzzwords?



Embody those words. Live those words. Blogging gets easier and you learn how to blog the right way, pretty fast, by being genuine and generous.

Be Genuine

Be genuine. Tell the truth. Be honest with people. Succeed more quickly.

Example; after I accepted Nazim’s generous guest posting invite I asked him about blog post frequency. He gave me publishing rights and literally told me to treat the blog like my own.

What a great dude. He honestly meant to treat the blog like my own and trusting him, I took him at his word.

I have published a post almost daily, promoting my eBooks and linking to old posts on Make Blogging, treating the blog like my own.

He is genuine in all he does, and I am genuine, so we learn from each other, share, and see greater success.

Being honest means blogging with integrity. Being genuine means authentically caring about fellow bloggers.

I received 100 plus spam comments today from non-genuine, lying bloggers who could care less about me and just want to get a link for their business through my comments field.

Blogging is terribly difficult for these bloggers and learning blogging will be 10 times more difficult.


These bloggers are fake, desperate, greedy people who want something for nothing.

They will fail forever until they decide to build genuine friendships with other bloggers.

Be Generous

As I promote my eBook: 6 Tips for Cutting Your Online Learning Curve Quickly

I recall how being generous allowed me to learn how to blog successfully pretty quickly.

By commenting on top blogs and promoting top bloggers generously without looking for anything in return, these mentors taught me, promoted me, endorsed me and bought my stuff, showing me the way to successful blogging.

Top pros inspired me to leave my ignorant, stingy ways behind, cutting my learning curve by years, only because I moved into their blogging circles. How did I do it? I generously helped top bloggers and asked nothing from them.

2 Buzzwords for Cutting Your Blogging Learning Curve Fast 2

Meanwhile, most struggling, ignorant bloggers are stingy, thinking only about themselves.

I know of bloggers so blinded by their own greed and desperation that they have used the same, failed, greedy, stingy, self-centered strategy of posting,”Hey, I am looking for traffic,” on Facebook Groups for years, even though I taught them a few times that this approach does not work.

Fear makes you do silly stuff if you trust fear and follow your fears, into blogging oblivion.

If you want to learn quickly how to blog, help top bloggers freely to move into their circles. Being generous exposes you to blog posts, videos, podcasts, eBooks, audiobooks and courses that help educate you and put you on the blogging straight and narrow.

Instead of surrounding yourself with stingy failures who teach you only how to struggle, you move into abundant, prospering blogging circles and learn how to succeed from pros.

Persistence Wins

Be genuine and generous daily. Persistence wins. Fall in love with the process of having fun helping people and you will count days on the calendar less, being in the moment, succeeding with your blog.

Plus you will learn how to blog intelligent, effectively and abundantly as your genuine, generous nature connects you with folks who teach you how to blog the right way.

One Small Favor

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