1 Way to Market Your Blog on a Tight Budget

Do you notice how I always seem to be talking to people?

Whether via blog comment, social media chat or email, I connect with a high volume of folks daily by talking to people.

I am social. Really social.

Chapter 2 of my eBook: How to Build a Blog on a Shoestring Budget

advises you to socialize your blog marketing campaign. Speaking freely helps you market your blog for free. Being social allows you to build bonds leading to increased blogging business.

Speak up. Comment on Facebook updates. @reply people on Twitter. Read and respond to blog comments. Comment genuinely on blogs from your niche. Be social to stand out. Stand out to market your blog by building your friend network.

Why Chatty-ness Works for Bloggers on a Tight Budget

Imagine you have few dollars to spend on marketing your blog. Facebook ad campaigns are out of the question, as are Twitter paid marketing campaigns.

What should you do? Speak to a high volume of people daily on social networks. Comment genuinely on updates and thank people who share your content on social. Every social engagement costs nothing, dollar-wise.

Nobody charges you to use social because social is a free platform.

Every little chat builds into strong bonds if you chat freely and persistently. Blogging buddies who appreciate your chats simply market your blog for you by:

  • mentioning you on social media
  • noting you via their blog
  • mentioning you via their newsletter

In essence, you do the chatting and other folks do the lion’s share of marketing, through powerful, word of mouth, referral marketing.

You create helpful content and talk to people. Friendships evolving from chats lead to powerful cross-promotion and trusted word of mouth marketing.

1 Way to Market Your Blog on a Tight Budget 2

Best of all, talking to people online costs nothing money-wise. New bloggers can do it. Struggling, veteran bloggers can do it. Anybody can do it if you open up your mouth a bit to chat.

What You Do Pay

Time and energy.

Getting something for nothing is impossible but putting in time to engage people genuinely leads to blogging success.

Expect to make a significant time and energy investment to chat folks up; do not worry, being chatty is really easy because all you do is type words on your phone or via your keyboard.

Nazim chatted me up months ago. I invited bloggers to use my guest posting skills.

He took me up on my offer via a Facebook comment. A few short Messenger chats later, he positioned himself to receive steady, free, passive blog traffic because he gave me publishing rights.

I get to help you, promote my eBooks and have fun. Nazim gets free, passive traffic.

Sweet deal for both of us. Free deal too; neither of us pays a cent to cross-market each other through the guest posting agreement.

How did this door open? I chatted via sharing a guest posting invite, via my social accounts.

Nazim spoke up, chatting with me via Facebook, accepting the other. As we cross-promote one another, all keep expanding traffic and brand and business-wise, but only because we were both social, on social.

We speak. We chat. Opening our mouths by typing words cost neither of us a dime but the free marketing we each receive by cross-promoting my guest posts on his blog has been awesome.

Talk to people online. Type words through comments on blogs other than your own. Be social on social media. Sweet cross-marketing opportunities arise for social bloggers, each not costing you a penny.

One Small Favor

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