1 Way to Frame Blogging Work You Do Today

Anything I do today with my blog I never have to do again. Have you ever thought about blogging work that way? Probably not. Sure I will be creating blog posts and guess posts tomorrow and well into the future. But I will never have to write and publish this specific guest post again because I did it today. Every blog post and guest post I write and publish is like a brick. The more bricks I add to my blogging house, the more it grows into a mansion, the bigger it becomes, because I keep adding bricks by creating content every single day of my blogging career.

Blogging is not so much a numbers game but an energy game,. The more you relax, chill and have fun creating helpful content for people, the more bricks you add to your blogging building. Eventually, everybody sees your blogging building from miles away because it’s so big. The building is so big because you chose to add one or two or more bricks to the mansion every single day for many years of your life, sometimes decades.

Any work you do now is work you never have to do again because you don’t need to add more bricks to where you already added bricks. Do you see what I mean? This is extension. Focus on that concept for a little bit. Doing work now extends you a little bit deeper into your blogging niche as far as exposure. But doing more work tomorrow extends you a little bit beyond into your blogging niche. Doing work 3 days from now extends you a little bit further into your blogging niche as your exposure grows.

Each time you write and publish a blog post or guest post you gain a little more exposure. Bloggers who gain a little more exposure daily over the course of 10 years or more do astounding things online because of their generosity, patience and persistence. Last I checked, I had over 50,000 backlinks pointing to Blogging From Paradise. This has been a persistence game more than anything else. I wrote and published a number of blog posts and guest posts today but not to reach some imaginary number.

I simply have fun helping people so I keep helping people daily and the work I did today I never have to do again. Every single thing I do specifically today is work I never have to repeat down the road. I will write and publish blog posts and guest posts but the blog posts and guest posts I wrote and published today add building blocks to my blogging mansion. I don’t need to add those specific blocks again. Think about this analogy for just a second to understand the sheer power of compounding returns in terms of leveraging your presence online.

I had to be generous for a long time to gain the exposure I have now but I don’t believe being generous is some miraculous, incredible feet. Help people for free. Have fun serving people. Visualize your dreams. Blog mainly for fun and freedom. Relax. Detach a bit from outcomes. As your skills, exposure and credibility grows, and you monetize your blog effectively, blogging income will increase.

But keep putting in that work every single day. Blogging is doing simple things generously on a daily basis for many years. Nothing I do is complex but sometimes the simple things I do feel uncomfortable to do. I just sit with the feelings, release my fears and do these things generously to do work today that I never need to do again because

Once you add a brick, you don’t need to add that same brick again. It is that simple but of course uncomfortable sometimes. I can help you get through these uncomfortable periods with my blogging mindset tips but as long as you blog with your vision in mind you will see the journey through.

One Small Favor

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