1 Thing Successful Bloggers Do Well

Successful bloggers cultivate the habit of being persistently generous. Doesn’t it feel good to help people for free without expecting anything in return? Yep; of course it does. Why in the heck do few bloggers take this route? Fear. Fear of not getting anything in return. For of not getting much in return. Fear of not getting enough in return. But just nudging into the fear, a bit at a time, helps you feel and release this struggle-inducing energy, so you can free yourself of its grip and help people generously, from a persistent energy. Every top blogger developed the skill of helping people freely for thousands of hours because this is the way to successful blogging. Help people for free. Develop your blogging skills. Gain massive exposure. Succeed, tasting sweet freedom, as you open multiple streams of income.

How nice would it feel to help people for 8-10 hours daily without expecting anything in return? Pretty darn nice! Why not do it? Think that one through, guys. Why in the heck would you choose to struggle and fail when you could choose to thrive and succeed? Being persistently generous is the key to thrive and succeed but it takes nudging into uncomfortable fears to hone and develop this skill to epic levels. Fall in love with the process so much that you edge into fears of not getting enough in return, and all that other terrible feeling stuff, to clear the fears. Fear quits. Trust me. You can slap it around a lil’ bit by feeling fear, and that sucker will quit, and you will win, and you will feel so good, winning and freeing yourself.

1 Thing Successful Bloggers Do Well 2

I challenge you today – and I know you are up to it – to help people generously through posting to your blog, through guest posting, through creating videos and podcasts. Or just choose one channel. I know you can choose four but go with one, for starters. Definitely work your way up to more channels if you want to embody this generous spirit because the way to success is to spend 6 to 8 to 10 hours daily for months at a time being generous, serving folks, and gaining both skills and exposure enough to accelerate your blogging success. Successful bloggers do this so well through practice. Ya gotta really fall in love with the feeling of helping people and the happiness this energy elicits, but it does feel good, when you think it through. Once you fall deeply in love with the concept of helping people for free, being persistent is no problem at all. I walked around NYC for almost 3 hours today and am right back at it, publishing multiple posts to my blog. Why? I love what I do, and feel free by inspiring other people to free themselves, so why in the heck would I stop doing these things? Why would I lack persistence in enjoying helping people? We always make room for what we enjoy, right?

See the journey through. Help people freely. Be generous, genuine and persistent. How good would it feel to fall in love with helping people for free THEN boosting your blogging traffic and profits slowly, steadily and persistently? Darn good, I gotta say. But it all begins with helping people generously for a sustained period of time. Enjoy this process. Blogging success will be yours.


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