1 Thing I Learned Guest Posting for Struggling Bloggers Who Approach Me as Strangers

Having a poverty consciousness makes you blind to money.

As I am promoting my eBook: 6 Things You Absolutely Need on Your Blog

I want to add something you need that I did not include in the eBook; generosity.

I have offered to write a 600-word blogging tips post for virtually any blogger.

But I noted something that happens sometimes a complete stranger reaches out to me for a guest post.

Strangers receive my article, publish the guest post and strip my link. A few never add it and others demand I pay $5 or $10 or $30 for a link on a blog nobody reads.

Immediately, I tell them to remove the post – politely I might add – because I will use it somewhere else, aka, Blogging From Paradise.

I care less about Google duplicate penalties because my source of success is bigger than Google, but the name begins with a “G”: God.

Anyway, I place the post on my blog, help my readers and increase my blog traffic and profits.

Meanwhile, these unknown bloggers with no readers and begging to make $5 per link continue to struggle and fail in obscurity.


Having a poverty consciousness makes you blind to money, ensuring you have no money forever until you face your fear of poverty, let it go and blog generously.

See Beyond Today

A few moments ago, I scanned a guest post some blogger published for me. He emailed me cold, being a stranger. I thanked him for the opportunity and submitted a guest post.

On scanning the post he both stripped my link and stripped the name of my blog.

Do you see how being afraid of losing money to someone else makes you do really stupid stuff?

I immediately told him to delete the article, I published it on my blog, and he lost the opportunity to:

  • learn from me
  • be exposed to my audience
  • meet experienced bloggers
  • position himself to make more than a few dollars here and there, to actually make a full-time income through blogging

all because he did not see beyond today. He wants to eke out an existence now, trying to make ends meet, by stripping my links and blog name, so he gobbles up all profits and traffic himself, and being blind to tomorrow and the mutually beneficial friendship we could form,

I let him go, forever. You cannot have a poverty consciousness and be generous. Two different energies.

1 Thing I Learned Guest Posting for Struggling Bloggers Who Approach Me as Strangers 2

Be Generous

Nazim gave me publishing rights and said to treat the blog like my own.

I wrote 22 guest posts so far.

That is 22 free posts generating passive traffic for Nazim. Plus my blogging buddy network and readers are being introduced to him regularly.

Can you see all the traffic and profit potential budding from his generosity?

Being generous gave him 22 quality blog posts.

Plus I write here and in a few other spots before other blogs because Nazim and other generous bloggers allow me to promote my eBooks and courses whenever I want to.

Be generous! Open your blog to quality guest posting.

I opened my blog to guest posting and allow my blogging buddies who built bonds with me to post whenever they want to post and to promote whatever they want to promote.

I love my friends. I love the generosity these kind folks showered on me so I do my best to shower generosity and opportunities on them.

Meanwhile, poverty conscious, cheap, selfish bloggers who strip links and blog mentions languish, toiling in obscurity, looking on the outside-in.

Give freely. Receive easily.

One Small Favor

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