1 Reason You May Play Small Blogging-Wise

Few bloggers enjoy being criticized. Even fewer handle criticism with grace and ease. Even fewer allow criticism to roll off of their back like water off of a duck’s rear end. Picture that visual to get a better understanding of how few humans seem poised, relaxed and unflappable in the face of blogging criticism.

I developed this skill after years of awareness-expanding meditation and also, honest observation of my feelings in response to being criticized. Unfortunately, most bloggers play small blogging-wise for a wide range of reasons. Some fear being criticized so deeply that they play small, struggle and fail, to avoid the increase in critics that always comes with increased blogging success. More people knowing who you are guarantees more people dislike what you’re doing. Simple fact of life. But if you never own this fear you play small forever, struggle and fail, even if you work hard and long. Why? You cannot outfox your fears. No blogger gets over fears within because deep fears color every aspect of your blogging campaign.

Bloggers resist writing eBooks for many fears. Getting negative, 1 star reviews sits high atop the list of fears. Seize one of two choices: either write the eBook, run into critics and make money online through the stream or do not write the eBook, avoid critics and make no money online through the stream. Choose. Make these decisions. Either play small and fail to avoid criticism or play big and succeed while running into criticism. Does living your dreams through blogging seem worth a few negative comments and 1 star reviews on Amazon? Heck yeah, it is. Think; people criticize you whether you be aware of it, or not. Some criticize you in silence. Other fools judge you harshly in a public forum. All are idiots who lack control of their minds. Morons lash out at someone negatively, like a spoiled, rotten brat. Do you really want to play small to avoid these nit wits? Do you want to play small and never live your blogging dreams because you want to avoid these dingbats?

Never allow mental midgets who criticize you to dictate your blogging direction. Play big. Go for it all. Live your blogging dreams by leaving your comfort zone and by generously creating and connecting for sustained periods of time. We intend for you to live your dreams. Real pro bloggers tell the truth via feedback but do so in tasteful, gentle, tactful fashion. I am not an idiot enough to offer nasty, negative feedback because where your attention and energy goes, grows. See negative. Be negative. See more negative experiences in your life. But offering loving, positive feedback for improvement in gentle fashion helps bloggers and you. Guaranteed, the more you play big, the more you come across loving, generous, honest bloggers who offer uplifting feedback. Sure you come across a few negative nellies but who cares about their silly, pained, skewed opinions, anyway? I give zero stock to human beings who are so weak as to not be able to control their minds because if you cannot control your mind, you deserve none of my time, attention and energy.


Do you want to turn blogging criticism into something profitable, beneficial and uplifting? We all feel the sting of criticism as newbie or struggle bloggers but need to grow out of this limiting, confining blogging state of mind. Profiting from criticism helps you and helps your readers, customers and clients, too. How? Buy my eBook to find out:

How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits

One Small Favor

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