1 Question to Ask if You Are Struggling to Drive Blog Traffic

Sometimes, rocking bloggers who are learning the ropes email me a question; how can they increase their blog traffic if they followed my advice and still struggle to drive blog traffic?

Before I answer your question, ask yourself this question: how many hundreds to thousands of hours have I spent generously creating content and generously building connections, following Ryan’s advice?

Answer honestly. Guess what? You found the root of your traffic problem. If the advice I offered you does not *seem* to work, who do you think is not generously, patiently and persistently working the tips? You. I love you guys. This is why I am honest with you. The traffic driving tips I offer – followed by many top bloggers too – work 100% of the time for bloggers who spend thousands and thousands of hours working the tips. The blog traffic driving tips I share never work for bloggers who do not generously create content and build connections for thousands of hours.

Most bloggers do not spend thousands of hours creating content and making friends with top bloggers. Naturally, since most bloggers do not follow sound advice for thousands of hours, most bloggers struggle to drive blog traffic. Some bloggers work for 50 or 100 hours. After seeing no traffic increase, this crowd says the tips do not work for them but this is not true. *You*, the blogger, did not work the tips for thousands of hours. Patience, Young Blogging Padawan. Patience, Grasshopper. Do not panic. Do not hurry. Do not rush things. Good things take time. Good things also take thousands of hours of your diligent blogging work. If you follow my traffic driving tips from a generous, diligent energy for 3-6 hours a day, every day, for the next 3 months, you will blog for 270 to 540 hours for the next 3 months. Guess what? Even if you are halfway to 1000 hours of blogging work, I can almost guarantee you will see an extra 5 or 10 or maybe 50 visitors daily, following the basics like:

  • publishing 2-3 posts weekly to your blog
  • publishing 1 guest post daily
  • reading and commenting on 5-10 blogs daily
  • promoting other bloggers on your blog
  • promoting other bloggers on social media

Buy my paperback:

13 Proven Steps for Increasing Blog Traffic through Triberr

Read the book.  Join Triberr.  You will never struggle to increase your blog traffic again if you follow the prior 5 bullet point tips for 500-1000 hours, buy my paperback, read it, take notes and join Triberr because the strategies I share are fool proof for any blogger who puts in the time. BUT…you need to be 100% honest with yourself. I cannot monitor you or follow you or check for proof of you following my tips for thousands of hours. Only you can do that. If you appear to be struggling, you have not put in the time and work yet. Once you do that, struggles dissolve, and your blog traffic increases slowly and steadily.

1 Question to Ask if You Are Struggling to Drive Blog Traffic 2

Keep at it guys. Allow your passion for living your dreams to overcome the fear and struggle you may be experiencing now. I believe in you. Be generous, patient and persistent. Follow simple blogging strategies for a sustained period of time. Success will be yours

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