1 Online Concept to Master for Accelerating Your Success

Succeeding online is not impossible. Frankly, becoming successful is quite probable, then, a certainty, by mastering one simple, powerful concept. Do you feel ready to accept this simple idea? Here it is:

Pay your dues to succeed more quickly.

Do you want to live your dreams through blogging? Pay your dues. Do you feel excited to experience the fun and freedom of working online? Pay your dues. All fun, freedom and success begs to find you. I know you will succeed. I sense it. But tasting sweet freedom requires you to pay your dues in full. Pay your dues, work generously, put in the time and you can taste your dreams through blogging or through any online venture. The real secret is to be incredibly passionate about helping people through your gig. Make the work feel like the reward. Paying your dues becomes easier and easier if you adopt that mindset because you never give up until you pay your dues. I paid my dues and continue to pay my dues. I love what I do. I keep doing it daily. I am in love with helping people to blog effectively. Naturally, I pay my dues habitually because if you have fun helping people all day long, you pay your online dues.

How do you pay your online dues? Work your butt off from a generous, intelligent space. Do this daily for 2, to 4 to 10 hours – depending on your schedule, aka, whether or not you work a full time job – and you will, over the years, pay sufficient dues to accelerate your online success. Can’t you just taste the sweet freedom consistent with paying your online dues? People want the sweet but need to taste it before your success accelerates because having a vision inspires you to keep working generously and intelligently before your pay days arrive, and, multiply exponentially. I see it coming down to working every day with an eye on living your dreams, more than anything else. Never take short cuts. Shorts lead to failure. Never try to get something for nothing; impossible feat. Never try to speed up the process with damaging hacks that cheat you and your readers. Relax. Enjoy the journey. Build your blog and business the right way to feel the freedom of blogging with a clear conscience.

1 Online Concept to Master for Accelerating Your Success 2

Nobody succeeds unless you pay your online dues but those who do pay their online dues accelerate your success. Observe how your skills and exposure increases after working for 5,000 hours online. Doesn’t it feel good to be more skilled, clear and confident, from all of the work you put in? Doesn’t it feel good to gain massive exposure, from all of the work you put in? Keep paying your dues. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure accelerate their online success.

Pay your dues to get paid. Pay your dues to enjoy a life of freedom and fun, experienced through your thriving online venture. Feel good about the service you rendered. Feel awesome about living your dreams through your cyber gig.


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