1 Lesson for Getting Featured on Top Blogs

Of all the blogging lessons I learned over the years, one sits at the front of my mind.

New bloggers tend to have no idea this is the ultimate blogging lesson. Lisa at Inspire to Thrive lives this lesson beautifully.

She embodies this concept perfectly.

I learned first hand this lesson for getting featured on top blogs like Virgin, Entrepreneur and Forbes.

People ask me how I did it. My response confuses folks.

Especially bloggers who just started blogging and crave short cuts, wishing to take a desperate, greedy route to successful blogging.

Even veteran bloggers muck this up because having success, this crowd forgets to go to its successful roots.

What Is the Lesson?

Help people for free all day long.

Improve your skills. Gain exposure.

Skilled bloggers with massive exposure get featured on world famous blogs. Why did contributors from famous sites pitch me to be interviewed on their blogs?

I am in a bunch of places and make impacts because I helped many people for free to improve my skills and to increase my exposure.

I help Nazim for free by writing this blog post. Gratefully, I offer him free, passive traffic.

But I win too because I receive free blogging exposure and also hone my writing skills. Plus I freely promote Lisa because she, like Nazim, is a skilled, dear blogging buddy.

As we keep cross-promoting one another we expand each other’s presence and multiply our success.

1 Lesson for Getting Featured on Top Blogs 2

Contributors from famous blogs scan niches to see:

  • who appears to be everywhere
  • who has some serious skills

This is easy to see: if you help people for free by:

  • guest posting
  • opening your blog to guest posting
  • featuring bloggers on your blog
  • commenting genuinely on blogs
  • promoting bloggers on social media
  • writing and publishing posts on your blog

All the creating and connecting gives you massive exposure long term and also polishes your skills. Contributors from world famous sites feature skilled, connected bloggers who appear everywhere.

Helping people generously and patiently and persistently is the way to land this exposure and it also promotes your blogging success.

Why Do Bloggers Never Learn this Lesson?


People who check out my blogging course and then cold pitch me simply fear putting in generous effort to become skilled and to gain massive exposure.

Fear deceives you into believing you become skilled, connected and well-known without helping people generously for free, with no expectations, persistently, for a while.

Fear of wasting time, fear of being rejected and the joint fears of success and failure delude lost bloggers into believing they can easily get something for nothing.

I lay out all the tips for landing features on top blogs in my course and stress the lesson of serving people generously but fear blinds people to solid, proven, sound advice all top bloggers followed to both land world renowned features and to also increase their traffic and profits, too.

Yep; this is a profits and traffic booster too.

Helping people for free, generously, with no expectations, makes you so skilled and gives you such worldwide exposure that people buy your stuff, hire you and visit your blog.

What a neat benefit, right?

Help people for free.

Gain massive exposure.

Polish your blogging skills.

Land features on famous blogs and increase your blogging success.

One Small Favor

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2 thoughts on “1 Lesson for Getting Featured on Top Blogs”

  1. Hi Ryan, thank you for the mention! Yes, for years I did that and I still do to this day even I’m in my business full time šŸ™‚ Always helping others here and there.
    I wish I had more time like you to write in more places around the web. So many things I want to do but need more hours in each day. I’m learning better to prioritize as well.
    Have a great day Ryan!


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