1 Lesson Entrepreneurial Icons Teach Us

Jeff Bezos. Mark Zuckerberg. Warren Buffet. Bill Gates.

Entrepreneurial icons teach us 1 lesson: being passionate about rendering some specific service over decades of your life leads to something special.

But of course, most entrepreneurs never reach even close to these heights because most are not incredibly passionate about their venture. Lukewarm interest, at best. Why? The proof is in the results pudding. People do a bit of work, see flagging profits and either quit outright or take their foot off of the business pedal. Guaranteed, failing or mediocre ventures follow because you need to work for free – for a long time – to develop skills, exposure, credibility and scale enough to make it big with your venture. Passionate people are the only ones who work long term, for free.

Mark Z noted Facebook growing like wildfire in college communities. He offered the site for free; he had not made a penny on it, at that time. He did accept some funding – modest – but had the option to earn a fortune by going to venture capitalists on a grand scale. His friend told him Facebook was not big enough, yet. Mark Z continued to work on FB, being driven by his passion to connect the world with his website. Now, 2/7th of the world’s population are Facebook users. He is well on his way to making the dream come true, literally. Passion fueled him, and fuels him. Money, fame or popularity did not fuel him. If so, he would have quit Facebook when the site yielded zero dollars, especially as he allowed it to grow organically, through college communities.

Ditto for Jeff Bezos. He began working out of a garage. I recall a trucker from my old pier guard job telling me of a trucking buddy whose nephew Jeff asked him for a loan to begin his business. His uncle thought the young guy was nuts because it was a mail order business he ran from his garage. After declining the small loan, during those lean days, when Bezos asked for 5K, to grow business, the uncle kept driving trucks and Bezos eventually became the wealthiest man on earth through his passion, free service and vision. His uncle would have been worth billions of dollars or hundreds of millions if he gave Jeff the loan worth a couple thousand bucks.

Every icon who grows legendary businesses had such an incredible passion for their business that they worked on it energetically, for decades. During fledgling stages, most if not all work for free. Imagine putting in 18 hour days for free, not a penny flowing to your business. Passion fuels you; not pennies, dollars or even millions. Passion for helping people, expressing yourself and rendering genuine service on a grand scale. One reason why I wrote 100 plus eBooks is to empower people all over the globe through their phones, Kindles or laptops. Everybody who can log in to Amazon accesses 100 plus solutions for 7 to 20 bucks (Selz and Gumroad eBooks are 20). Low-cost, easily accessible solutions make it all about the consumer and give me the ability to scale. Of course, I do not mind receiving profits for these reads, but how could I publish 10 posts daily if I obsessed over profits-money? Impossible. I blog for the love of blogging, to serve people, and circling the globe is not a bad benefit of rendering generous service.


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