1 Freelance Writing Meme that You Should Stop Believing Now

I came across a Tweet a few moments ago that spread a common freelance writing meme.

For some odd reason, freelance writers try to convince other freelance writers that their income will be unstable, ever-changing and volatile for the entirety of their career.

This is not true. Some freelance writers yearn for stable, consistent income and seek remote work as an employee. The trade-off; freedom, for a more steady, stable paycheck. Of course, employees get fired regularly and the paycheck vanishes. But that is for another blog post.

My Experience

I didn’t even have a freelance writing services page for 99% of my freelancing career. I am not kidding. Yet I made upwards of $3,000 to $6,000 per month during my freelance days of 2012 – 2014.

This was stable, dependable, clockwork income because I did not cling to the poverty conscious meme spread by most freelancers. Nor did I depend on poverty conscious content mills and low-priced freelancer sites.

Again; I did not even advertise my services. I did write my butt off, practicing to polish my writing skills. Readers who needed content pitched me to write for them.

I did. I got paid. I also found profitable freelance writing opportunities from other writers in my friend network; do you see why I regularly advise you to grow your blogger friend network through my blogger outreach eBook? Blogging buddies boost your profits.

I released my freelance writing income stream in 2014 to build a passive income model that worked for my globe-trotting lifestyle, but wanted to help freelancer writers and other bloggers who believe in the meme that freelance and heck, blogging revenue is permanently unstable. T

hat is not true. Eventually, it becomes highly stable and quite easy to make money through any stream.

The only time freelance income fluctuates is during the early days, as you develop your writing skills, create content to show off your skills and build your freelance writer friend network to expand your reach.

Income Fluctuates During Early Months and Years But Becomes Dependable if You Are Generous

During early days, you do not posses the writing skills, content store and friend network to net a steady freelance income. This is true.

1 Freelance Writing Meme that You Should Stop Believing Now 2

But if you generously practice writing daily, create helpful content persistently and build your freelance writer friend network, you will land clients.

It will happen because your writing skills, showcasing content and friend network increases your exposure to the point where people hire you.

As you keep generously creating content and building your friend network even as you land more and more clients, freelance writing income becomes stable and dependable.

Reaching this point can be uncomfortable because you face many deep money fears; it feels easier to cling to the “unstable and not dependable income” meme, to remain in your comfort zone, and to never face your deep fears.

Be Generous to Receive Generously

If you want money to flow to you generously, help people for free, generously.

Create content freely. Build your blogging buddy network by generously helping bloggers. Be generous with yourself, too; charge generous rates.

The more generous you are with other people, and yourself, for a persistent period of time, you will earn a stable, dependable income through freelance writing.

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