1 Common Blogger Mental Block Around Making Money

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I have spotted and uncovered a common blogger mental block concerning making money. Suffered through this bad boy for many years, early during my blogging career.

Clinging to this limiting belief eats into profits and heightens your anxiety levels. Why stress, when you can correct the mistake and profit from a worry-free energy?

What is the mistake?

Putting all attention, energy and attachment on a SINGLE blogging income stream.

Hey guys; been there, done that. Blogging as a newbie or even during your more difficult days can feel tough. But resist making the error I made for years; never ever ever rely on a single blogging income stream to pay the bills.

Doing so usually leads to failure because placing heavy attention, energy and focus on a single income channel creates resistance, tension, energetic cross currents and all types of heavy fears ensuring you make little or no money through the channel.

Or perhaps you get clear on the sole channel and make some money until your income stream dries up.

Where does that leave you? With no money, going forward.  The online world evolves. Stuff grows old and worn out, including income channels and prospering strategies. If you cling to one channel, you are toast.

But if you abundantly open multiple channels, you can progressively make more money through your blog, because if one channel vanishes, you have other streams for prospering.

Think Abundance

Do one thing well with your blog by covering a single niche.

Be a specialist. Then, patiently and generously, slowly add income streams to your blog. For example, someone emailed me a few moments ago explaining how much they enjoyed one of my blogging courses. Someone Tweeted me yesterday, explaining how they just bought one of my 100 plus eBooks.

Someone commented on one of my posts explaining how they have purchased and enjoyed a few of my eBooks on Amazon. Someone just asked me how one of my blogging courses is doing, so far, and I noted a blogging buddy who enrolled in the course.

1 Common Blogger Mental Block Around Making Money 2

Right there, 3 income streams yielded profits for me, recently. But I have 10 plus other income streams open, too.

Imagine if I just tried to force income through 1 channel? Not good. People love variety. My bank account prefers variety, too. You may as well receive money through 5, 10, 20 channels or more while rendering useful service through your premium offerings.

Why hamstring yourself? Add income channels to help more folks, to make more money and to detach from any one income stream.


Perhaps the Buddha could be detached about trying to make money through a single income stream; actually, he turned down living a worldly life, so shunned money.

Anyway, virtually every human attaches heavily to a single income stream from a fear energy, blocking their creativity, damming their generosity and damaging their ability to scale.

Meanwhile, bloggers with 5 to 10 income streams or more detach from most if not all and generously scale, serve people and profit more handsomely.

Be abundant. Help people with free content and keep opening income streams to tap into greater cash flow.

Avoid the common blogging mistake of relying on a single income stream. Blog abundantly. Help more folks. Prosper.

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